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Cakes: The New Flowers & Candy

Wedding Cakes Delicious Bakery

Someone should bring me this cake and be like, “I have a gift for you!” And I’ll say, “Oooh, what is it?” and the lovely cake giver will say, “A cake that is shaped like a present! Get it?” And I will say nothing because I will be really busy eating my cake. That is shaped like a present. And topped with a peony.

Bellaria Cake Designs Weddings, Peony

This is the dream, am I right?


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Wedding Planning May Crush Your Childhood Fantasies

 (That is, if you had childhood wedding fantasies.)

Weddings Untied Don't Let Weddings Tie You Up In Knots

  1. Did you ever marry a Barbie off to a Ken? Or a Barbie off to a Barbie? Or a Ken to a Ken? Was their wedding beautiful and sparkly and full of plastic smiles? And best of all, was it easy to plan and all of the toy guests got along famously with each other? If your real wedding is like that good for you. Of the hundreds of weddings I have worked with, I have yet to run into a group where everyone gets along. Usually, we get couples who are frantically trying make sure that room assignments keep exes or estranged family members apart.
  2. When you were younger you thought being a bridesmaid for your sister or best friend would be the best thing ever, filled with hugs, supportive hand holding, happy tears, and a dress that you picked out yourself. I place the blame for this fantasy squarely on the Anne Shirley’s shoulders.
  3. When you were a child, no one ever mentioned the wedding industrial complex. It is a real thing that is kind of terrible (I should know, my job makes me an active part of it!) and really can put a dent in anyone’s wedding enthusiasm.
  4. Now that you’re an adult you realize that fairy tale weddings cost money. A lot of money. Even non-fairy tale weddings cost money. Money you might prefer to spend on a house or a car or student loans or a vacation or your child. This realization could quickly bring you into the adult reality of wedding planning.
  5. Maybe when you were younger you imagined marrying the man of your dreams. And now you have found the lady of your dreams. Congratulations! If you don’t live in a state that recognizes equal human rights, planning a wedding might be entirely different beast. This is more than dream crushing; it can be soul crushing. I suggest ignoring ignorant jerks and planning the badass wedding of your adult dreams!
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When I Saw You I fell In Love and You Smiled Because You Knew


Don’t forget the love.


Seating Chart Management For Adults From Broken Homes

In the best of circumstances, preparing a seating chart is really easy because everyone gets along. I hope those are the circumstances you are dealing with, but if that’s not the case, keep reading.

I am from a broken home. My parents separated when I was 22. It was not one of those fuzzy, hug filled, respectful-parting-of-ways divorces. It dragged on and on and on for nearly five years. My extended family, despite knowing each other for 35+ years, occasionally got nasty with one another. A few people didn’t manage to keep any of their opinions to themselves. Needless to say, any occasion that called for everyone to be in the same room could be interesting.

Of course, my three siblings all got married during that time. This involved my divorcing parents and extended family being in the same room together for long periods of time. Each of my siblings had a different approach to the seating chart.

The Oldest Child, Colleen

Colleen was married first and at this point, my parents had been separated for three years. Colleen really took some bullets for her other engaged siblings. The first was telling our mom that our dad’s girlfriend would be attending the wedding. That conversation didn’t go well. So when the time came to arrange the seating chart, Colleen put each side of the family on opposite sides of the dance floor, with their tables arranged to make staring more difficult. This proved an effective method and I can highly recommend it.

The Only Son, Tom

Tom was married second. Mom and dad had been separated for three and a half years when his wedding rolled around. Tom married into a very large, traditional Italian family. He had a much more laissez-faire approach to figuring out seating. His wedding was very large, with roughly one million guests, which made it pretty easy to keep my parents away from one another. If your parents don’t get along, I would not recommend such a relaxed approach unless you are having a very large wedding, in a very crowded room, with very many guests.

The Youngest Child, Kelly

The baby of the family, Kelly got married when our parents were rolling into their fourth year of separation. At this point, I think everyone in my family had some divorce-fatigue (I had a lot) and were tired the farcical non-divorce. Kelly’s approach was to put each side of the family right next to the dance floor, on opposite sides. This worked out fine, but I wouldn’t recommend for any family who is dealing with fresh divorce wounds.

What are your seating chart issues? Have you dealt with requests or demands from family about who they do or do not want to be seated with?


Cafe Brauer

Fun wedding venues for all kinds of celebrations

I have been to a wedding at Cafe Brauer. It was beautiful. It was spacious. It was elegant. It was amazing. The main ballroom has this incredibly high, arched ceiling with exposed steel beams. A skylight at the top let’s in light until the sun goes down and then chandeliers take over. The ballroom has verandahs on either side which are perfect for a cocktail hour.

Cafe Brauer Wedding Lincoln Park Zoo Chicago

Photo via Heather Parker

One of the best things about Cafe Brauer is the views. It’s located in Lincoln Park Zoo and looks south over Chicago’s skyline. Couples can go out into the park and take photos on the bridges or in the gardens. The day my cousin got married it rained and, no joke, two rainbows formed over the city. Her pictures are pretty amazing.

As an added bonus, 40% of the rental fee is tax-deductible, as it is considered a donation to the Lincoln Park Zoological Society. A tax deductible wedding is pretty amazing, no?

You can learn more about Cafe Brauer here.

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More Cakes Means Better Cake

Wedding Cakes Delicious Bakery

This lovely light green cake from La Joconde Cakes in Portland, Oregon has a lot going for it. It’s five tiers are decorated with scrollwork and ribbons and the different shades of green and white provide a lot of visual interest. But my favorite part of this cake, is that second tier. Do you see the multiple cakes that make it up?! It’s cakes within cake!

La Joconde Bakery Green Wedding Cake

Photo via La Joconde Cakes

Lots of couples choose to alternate flavors in each level of their wedding cake, but having multiple cakes as one tier? That is so brilliant. I am so sad I never thought of it. You could have so many flavors? You could fit in chocolate cake and frosting fillings, lemon cakes with fruit fillings, white cakes with whipped cream fillings, almond filling inside a dark chocolate cake. The number of combinations running through my mind right now is intense.

Find out more about La Jaconde Cakes and see more of their creative pastries here.

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Consider This

I Heart Your Heart }}



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Studio Cake

Wedding Cakes Delicious Bakery

Do you see this adorable cake? It’s all sweet and adorable, with three white wrapped tiers, fluffy pink flowers, and an adorable cake topper sitting on the edge. But then! You look around the back, towards the bottom, and you find Spiderman! Just crawling out of the bottom layer, probably getting ready to go shoot some webs and fight some crime. I kind of want to high five him, but also eat him because I bet he is made of frosting.

A Spiderman wedding cake!

Photo via Jennifer Skog

This little touch of whimsy is so fun and perfect for the bride, groom, or couple who love their comic books!

This super fun cake is from Studio Cake in Menlo Park, California. So if you’re in the area and looking for a custom cake be sure to put them on your shortlist!

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Why You Shouldn’t Handcraft Anything For Your Wedding

Weddings Untied Don't Let Weddings Tie You Up In Knots




  1. If making things with glue guns, glitter, ribbon, mason jars, fabric scraps, vases, mirrors, or card stock, is not already your jam, the months and weeks ahead of your wedding is not the time to take it up. Use that time to enjoy being engaged, not arguing the various merits of different height candles for your elaborate, French-country-casual-chic centerpieces.
  2. Odds are, the sheer volume of what you plan to make dictates you would need some help, right? Well, not everyone wants to make things. Some people, who love you very, very much, really suck at crafting. And other people, who also love you very, very much are secretly really good at crafting but they still don’t want to do it. And still other people, who still love you very, very much, don’t have a lot of evenings and weekends to spare for making stuff. Unless it can be 100% accomplished in under three hours, and you’re providing food and booze, don’t put people in the position of having to make things to be a good bridesmaid/groomsman/friend/sibling.
  3. It’s not always cheaper to make it yourself! Lots of the internet will tell you that creating your own decor is a big money saver! And I’m sure, sometimes, that is true. But once you factor in finding and purchasing all the components and the time it takes you to actually assemble everything, it might well have been more affordable to just buy it. And I’m not even taking into account the cost any sort of crafting rage, frustration, or disillusionment that may arise!
  4. Just because Pinterest says it’s easy to make doesn’t make it real! Many of the beautiful wedding and details on Pinterest were produced by professionals. Thinking you can exactly reproduce, en masse, the rustic, branded, tree bark escort cards from Martha Stewart Weddings is a nice thought. It will not be as nice when you are surrounded by bits of tree bark, with hot glue all over your carpet, burnt fingers, and zero completed escort cards. Which brings me to my final point…
  5. There are lots great small businesses that thrive on making things for weddings just like yours! A quick search on Etsy and you can find hand painted escort cards, beer can boutonnieres, or a driftwood candelabra. You might need to spend some time comparing vendor styles and prices, but it is guaranteed to be less time than if you made it all yourself! So do yourself a favor: save your time and sanity and support small businesses!
A PBR beer can boutonniere

This is a real thing. Photo via Spoonery



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